Best Moving Companies in NYC in 2023

Even for those small moves, you never know when you need an extra pair of hands. Once you’re ready to go, read through the email we send you. Let’s get on the same page so we can make your move as smooth as possible. We always make sure we’ve got everything we need when heading out. Don’t fall victim to a testy parking attendant the next time you need to move. We’re super chill under pressure because we’ve been doing this for over ten years.

As long as there are no changes in the details of your move, you will pay the same amount you were quoted for when we arrive. We’re privately owned and operated right in the heart of New York City. We keep our operation small to make sure your moving experience goes without a hitch. If you’ve already found an apartment, take some steps to reduce how much you’ll have to move.

Lou and the team are ready to move your belongings without you needing to break the bank. Even if your move only takes us an hour or two, you get access to the same cost-effective flat rates as anybody else. Our top picks received high scores in heavily weighted areas such as customer experience , pricing structure , location coverage , and moving services . Once a truck has made it to your building, there are rules regarding parking. In general, the rules are set up so that you’re not blocking traffic and that you’re not parked for more than three hours. Pay attention to the signage on streets, as they could indicate whether standing is allowed and whether you need to pay for street parking.

We at veteran moving company offer a complete package of moving services in NYC and beyond. No residential move is too big or small for our experienced moving team at Oz Moving & Storage. We treat every moving job with the utmost care with quality packaging material, skilled residential movers, and premier customer service. IMoving is your go-to place for all kinds of related services like disposal, long-distance moves, storage, and more for both commercial and residential customers.

Just make sure you tell us at least 72 hours before your move. If it’s any later, we’ll have to charge you for the move (and we don’t want to do that!). That includes if you need to change your dates or times.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a professional moving company in New York City. It’s entirely up to you how we manage your move from Boston to New York as our rates are completely customisable. Whether you want us to pick and pack everything, or just specific items, if you’re Moving From Boston to NYC we can deliver a professional service at affordable rates. Moving should be fun and exciting, not stressful and nerve-racking That’s why we offer a full line of moving services to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible.

A new opportunity might require you to mobilize your things, your family and your life across the state, or even across the country. No matter where you’re headed, we’re ready to go the long distance. Powered by New York’s #1 Mover, Roadway Moving, Veteran Movers is the most trustworthy, hardworking, loyal moving company you will ever use.

If you’re moving furniture in NYC, like a small sofa or a few boxes, you might not need a giant team with a huge truck taking up half the street. We’re the small NYC Movers that can help you with those little moves. If you’re hiring a moving company, also note that many buildings in New York require a certificate of insurance to move. A COI is a legal document that lets building management know that the moving company is insured to handle any potential damages or issues during moving. This means that the building will not be responsible if anything happens to your property during the move. It’s important to know if your building requires a COI prior to your move, as many buildings won’t let you step inside without one.

We prepare the team and the transport in advance for every assignment, so we’re always prepared. Look, most big moving companies would laugh if you asked them to move one piece of furniture in NYC or at least charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege. The information presented here was verified by at least two data collectors through customer service calls. For more details on our research process and scoring system, head to our complete moving methodology page. Because it’s not 24/7, it can take up to 24 hours to get a response to any questions you may have.

Moving containers are not allowed for storage on New York City streets, as per local New York regulations. However, you can use them to move, provided they’re only temporarily outside of your building. Because New York City has so many street regulations , companies like PODS have a specific City Service that protects your container from ticketing or thieves while it’s being loaded. Make sure that you’re clear with your movers on what items you will be packing, and what items you’ll want them to pack. If you need more than a New York minute to fully prepare for a move, then PODS could be a great option for you. Once you fill up a storage container, PODS can transfer all your items to your new residence or a storage facility while you get the new place ready.

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