The Truth About Infant Goat Milk

Here is the Deal on Infant Goat Milk – A Few Secrets You Need to Know! If you have been reading my articles, you have come to learn a lot about infant formula, whether it is infant formula or other types of formulas. You know the ingredients that are contained in baby formula and they don’t contain nearly as much as what you would find in a goat milk product.

Goat milk is definitely better, absolutely! In simple nutritional terms, goat milk is actually much higher in many important vitamins and nutrients. Goat milk is actually high in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamins A, C and E, and the list goes on. On top of that, there is little or none of the common contaminants that you see in human milk, such as bacteria and parasites. Baby formula does contain some vitamins and minerals, but there are very few of them.

You may have heard of a study where a group of scientists tested the safety of using goat milk for infants. They found that the infant formula they used actually contained about one hundred percent of what was in the goat’s milk. That is alarming because the amount is so small! They concluded that their findings showed that using goat milk in infant formula can cause an increased risk of certain diseases. You can get more information about holle goat formula

Goat milk also has a special enzyme that allows it to aid in lactose digestion. Lactose is a type of sugar that is common in cow’s milk but that is not used by humans. This means that the baby will not develop allergies and intestinal problems that would be common if he or she were to use cow’s milk instead. If you are wondering why the goat’s milk is so high in this specific enzyme then consider the fact that a cow only needs a small amount of this enzyme to break down its lactose. Since goat’s milk is produced from the same animal as humans, they also have the ability to create lactase which is used to digest lactose.

Goat milk also contains antibodies to help ward off infections, protect your baby from viruses and prevent asthma. It also helps regulate blood pressure, which is very important to your child’s growth.

The benefits of infant goat milk are endless and if you are wondering what you should look for you can look on the Internet. There are even websites that will show you pictures of different varieties of goat’s milk and give you a few options. Be sure to look at some of the products and see how the goat is raised, then choose the one that looks best for you and your child.

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