All About Steroids Medicine for Asthma

Steroids medicine is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for asthma. It helps reduce and prevent the inflammation of airways. This drug can be taken in capsule form or liquid form depending on the need of the patient. There are also topical as well oral steroid medications that have steroids in it.

The use of steroids in asthma should only be done under the guidance of a specialist. Steroids can cause side effects in some patients. One such side effect is constriction of the airway. When this happens, the patient may experience shortness of breath. In more severe cases, there can be wheezing.

As far as steroids medicine is concerned, its duration is usually three to six months. But sometimes, it may take years before it takes full effect. The dosage also depends on the severity of the condition of the patient. It can range from a few grams to a gram of steroid every day. This dose can increase up to 25 grams per day if it is required by the patient.

There are various ways in which steroids medicine is used. They are inhaled for asthma. Steroid tablets are also used. Inhalation of steroids helps reduce inflammation and eases the breathing process.

Oral steroids can be taken as a tablet, capsule, spray or liquid. They can be taken as a solution to an inhaler. Oral administration should be done with close supervision of the doctor. It is best that steroid tablets are not taken at early stages of life. Learn more about steroids outlet their other services by visiting their official sites. 

Steroids should be taken only with the guidance of a doctor. They can be taken to reduce inflammation and improve lung function. If they are overused, they have harmful side effects. Hence they should be kept under medical supervision. For adults, steroid tablets are generally advisable. in asthma is mainly aimed at reducing the symptoms of asthma. However, they do not cure the disease. As with all medicines, steroids medicine is not advisable for prolonged use.

There are different types of steroids medicine available. The most common is prednisone. It is available in tablets and capsules. It is taken orally for two weeks. Then a dose of a cortisone derivative called long-term treatment is prescribed.

The commonest type of steroids used to treat asthma is prednisone. Also commonly used are cortisone injections. It should be remembered that excessive dosage can lead to some serious side effects. Hence prolonged use can lead to liver damage. Long-term treatment should be started only after proper consultation with your doctor.

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