“MOTHER:The Best Inclusive Kids Books With Differently Abled Characters”

We’re far from reaching that goal now, but as we make our kids’ books more inclusive, let’s celebrate the joy and contributions and realities of people with Down syndrome. Meet the boy who feels strongly, loves deeply, has extreme highs and low lows. Relatable for any child, but especially for children experiencing anxiety and extreme emotions, or who have been diagnosed with autism, this book is about a boy who tries to cope by stuffing down his feelings. But with a little help and artistic inspiration, the boy realizes his feelings are something to be celebrated. This book tells the story of 12-year-old Darby who has Down syndrome and lives on her family’s strawberry farm. When her older sister brings a girlfriend home, Darby worries that they’ll ignore her.

The thing is, I still can’t answer all the questions my brother asked that day. When the debate was over my brother and I had the first real fight we’d ever had. I said he was a grandstander and an attention hog and that these were the people who could give me a job when I finished my PhD. I said all the stuff I had never said before and had never even allowed myself to think. We have 10% off everything for a limited time only from NOW until Monday 28th November @ShopDHorizons.

Today you spotlight a subject that I don’t believe I have ever encountered before in a discussion about children’s literature. I have learned from you this morning and will be on the lookout for these books. Marcus Vega is popping up all over in favorable reviews. This includes the varying abilities and disabilities around the globe. To promote inclusivity and representation, we’ve rounded up 53 books featuring characters with disabilities. Finally, here’s a list of children’s and young teen books kids with Down syndrome will love that feature characters who have Down’s syndrome.

And, she has incredible parents who love her and push her to be her best self. She befriends a boy at school who also feels different and isolated from the other kids. His name is Connor and his Tourette Syndrome makes him hide in the library and not go out in public. But he and a new friend, Zion, hang out with Aven at the theme park where they investigate a mysterious woman who looks just like her and a hidden storage shed.

Narrated by a younger brother, we learn about his amazing big sister. We eventually figure out that his sister has special needs but that it doesn’t affect how much she is loved by her brother.

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