Planning and Leaflet Distribution

Good targeted Leaflet distribution Bromley is an absolutely key factor in increasing the likelihood of your leaflet distribution reaching the right audience and creating business for you. When planning a leaflet drop, it’s important that you take this into account. Too many leaflet distribution firms tend to split London up into different locales according to income alone. They then take their profits from the areas where they target clients the most. This isn’t always the best way to go about it.

Firstly, this method of leaflet distribution tends not to cover all of London. If your demographic is solely within London then there simply is no sense in targeting your leaflet drop geographically. Secondly, if you want to create brand building in London then you need to make sure that your flyers are printed in every district. Lastly, even if you aren’t printing in every single district, but targeting a particular area such as Dockyards or Brixton, you still shouldn’t be wasting your money by distributing to people who may not even care about those particular areas. These are areas that are likely to show interest in your brand-building message and your leaflet distribution in London should aim to reach as many of these people as possible.

So how do you ensure that your leaflets reach the right customers, and who are the most likely to become interested in your brand-building message? One of the most important factors is that your leaflet distribution should be distributed at the correct time. If you’re planning a leaflet drop during rush hour, or on a weekday, your marketing material is likely to be thrown away or ignored. It’s important that you distribute your flyer drops to people when they are most likely to be reading up about events and potential purchases.

Another factor is distribution timing. If you want to maximise your visibility and influence within the local market, it’s important that you choose the right time to distribute your leaflets. For example, on busy shopping streets, you would want to place your leaflets at the busiest part of the shopping street. On less busy streets, you may be able to fit your message into a bus lane, or alongside existing bus lanes. This all depends on where your target audience lives, and whether there are already active campaigns underway within your chosen target area to promote your business.

As with any promotional product, a well thought out leaflet distribution plan can provide a powerful weapon in your marketing armoury. The distribution plan will take into account the type of customer you want to target, whether it’s young adults students or seniors, and will be tailored around their interests and buying habits. Also, consider the target audience you intend to reach with your leaflet. Is it mainly the younger generation, or are you looking to target older, traditionally-minded consumers?

Lastly, do your research. Choose a distribution plan that fits in with your company’s branding. If your business sells a range of products, for example, consider offering discounts to students during their college exams, as this could lead to significant extra sales. Consider leaflet drops to residential areas, if you have one, as these can be quite successful. Remember, the key to a successful leaflet distribution plan is planning, preparation and research!

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