Resolve PayPal Account Limitations and Holds

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We may need to verify your previous deposit and receiving bank account before we process your withdrawal. For verifying your bank deposit or card, please see the details here. For verifying your receiving bank account, please see the details here.

How to withdraw from limited paypal account? If you have a PayPal Business account, then you will be able to spend your PayPal balance conveniently, online or in stores. So, if you hold a PayPal balance in USD, you can withdraw it using your US bank details from Wise. This means that PayPal doesn’t need to do a currency conversion, so you can avoid the mark-up on the exchange rate.

I also have the same issue, the problem is that i am non-US citizen and i cant withdraw to my debit card. After waiting for 6months they promised i will be able to withdraw the money but now the problem is they want me to withdraw to a US bank account. Is PayPal deliberately holding funds for whatever reason it can to keep your money and make interest on it? Paypal can do business with you for years with no problem, THEN they seemingly make up a NEW rule, requesting some information and threatening to limit your account if you don’t provide it. When they threaten to do that withdraw all your funds immediately !! It’s not worth it, you will NEVER be able to talk to a person who can help you, the rules will always change, and they will HOLD YOUR MONEY indefinitely, effectively STEALING interest off of it while they do.

There, you’ll also find an outline of any information that’s been requested by PayPal. They also consider it if they spot evidence of any fraudulent activity. If this notification appears, it indicates that it is no longer possible to use that account or create a new one in the future. There is a possibility to contact a PayPal employee and have a high enough authorization to request the removal of a permanent limit from the account. It should be mentioned that the process is long and complicated.

For example, you might not be able to send or withdraw money. Usually, we ask you to complete some steps to remove your account limitation. If you want to convert PayPal to cash, then you’ll need a PayPal debit MasterCard to spend the money held on your account. In order to get a PayPal debit card, you’ll need to have a PayPal Business account⁶. At the time of writing, PayPal doesn’t offer a linked debit card for personal customers in the UK.

Once certain that PayPal’s decision is wrong and there should be no limitations, it is time to contact PayPal directly. Some users have chosen to communicate with the platform through their social networks on Facebook or Twitter. The only way PayPal could remove the limitation is if there was a mistake and there is no rule stating that the account should be limited. As soon as the restriction is recognized as a mistake and it is possible to prove it, it is essential to contact the platform immediately. PayPal is known for the efficiency it offers in its services but also for the number of limitations it has.

Do not transfer funds immediately to bank or to another PayPal user when first receiving the funds. Usually, when PayPal limits your account, your funds are frozen for that period of time. PayPal will ask you to provide some documents for verification which is usually very hard to get since we are both using PayPal in Nigeria illegally. If your account gets limited, it’s very certain you cannot bypass PayPal limited account to spend the money from the closed PayPal account unless you provide the necessary information required of you. We are Nigerians and most of the time we don’t use Nigeria PayPal accounts because of the limitations placed on them instead we use USA PayPal accounts or other countries’ PayPal which can serve our business better. Step 1 – Log in to your PayPal account and go to your Wallet.

PayPal Services in India are provided by PayPal Payments Private Limited . Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully. Once you’ve submitted the information required, we’ll review and reply via email.

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