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Technical traders will enjoy more than 120 technical indicators and a suite of easy-to-use drawing tools. True to form, IBKR has more research capabilities than most investors will need. The platform provides numerous screeners, tools, calculators, idea generators, and research to help you find your next trade. All research and screeners are available for clients and those just trying out the site. In addition to the research and screeners, the PortfolioAnalyst is a professional-level investment analysis tool.

Trading futures contracts is a complex undertaking, and technical analysis can give you a much-needed edge. They also offer the best futures brokers assistance, management, and colocation services for those needing them. The platform is suitable for beginner and advanced traders with a wide range of features and tools. When it comes to trading, there are different types of platforms for various kinds of traders.

Although you need to accept losses on some days, big wins should be more of a focus on key days. You will need to have a lot of money to start with when day trading—it is required by law that you have at least $25,000 on your brokerage account as a day trader in the U.S. Day trading is buying and selling a futures contract within the same day so that all positions are closed before the market closes for that trading day. The time between a trade’s opening and closing can be anywhere from a few minutes to the entire trading session.

The introducing broker status means that your assets and cash are held with the FCMs, but the platform, fees, and customer support are provided by Optimus Futures. Some of the things to consider are low commissions, a robust trading platform, educational resources, and a wide range of futures products. A $1.50 per-contract commission on futures and futures options isn’t the cheapest, but it’s certainly on the lower end of the spectrum. Schwab is an excellent choice for investors who want a cost-effective way to trade futures on a great platform, but also want a great all-around broker for their other investment needs. There’s no reason to begin trading five or 10 contracts at a time when you’re just beginning.

Another great feature is their community which allows traders to connect and share trading ideas. They offer a free trial and demo account – great for getting to know the platform before opening a real money account. Although highly liquid, futures markets can also experience rapid price fluctuations. Experience NinjaTrader’s award-winning futures brokerage services and personal support. Both and TD Ameritrade offer an exceptional trading platform, but doesn’t trade cryptocurrency in the U.S. Intraday trading is often taken as a full-time job, as it requires traders to be engaged throughout the trading day.

The forex broker also offers SaxoTraderPro, a professional ad full customizable trading platform, available on desktop, web and mobile. The firm has a good reputation and is transparent about its finances, regularly publishing key business figures and disclosing their dealing practices. In addition, high-net-worth traders with $3k in commission spend or $2.5 million in holding can benefit from a VIP account, CMC Markets Alpha.

The high degree of leverage that is often obtainable in commodity interest trading can work against you as well as for you. Optimus Futures, LLC is not affiliated with nor does it endorse any trading system, methodologies, newsletter or another similar service. With an option for institutional and individual investors, this software consolidates, tracks, and analyzes all of your financial accounts. After linking checking, savings, debt, annuities, and more, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of your entire financial picture. The tool offers a portfolio checkup, including total returns, risk measures, and allocations by geography, asset class, and sector. Socially conscious investors can view their portfolio’s ESG ratings.

Future brokers help both beginners and experienced futures traders to speculate on the direction of underlying asset prices and earn profits. Other futures trading platforms not mentioned in this article include Tradestation, IBKR, and Charles Schwab. EToro offers cryptocurrency trading commission-free, but like many other brokers, it charges a spread based on the cryptocurrency being traded.

TD Ameritrade requires a low account minimum at $1,500 but it’s $2.25 per contract, per side. TD Ameritrade’s day trade margin is 25% with a $15,000 minimum with virtual trading capabilities and over 60 futures products. With Thinkorswim, there’s no question that entering and executing orders are fast, with many advanced features. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to follow and trade too many markets. Most traders have their hands full keeping abreast of a few markets.

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