Vapor Shop, Lounge – Why Are They So Great?

Future Vapor is Seattle’s first known independent Vape Shop & Lounge located on Capitol Hill. They have taken great pride in consistently providing excellent customer service and specialize in quality vapor products. They are the only store you’ll ever need to order an authentic e-juice from, they stock all types of e-juices, along with some specialty products like their very own line of award winning Juuligs. The Vapor Shop & Lounge offer a wide selection of popular electronic cigarette brands like Lung Market, Leafs, Black Curtain and even some of their own creations such as the original carrot flavor Vape. They carry vaporizers for anyone in mind. Stop into the Vapor Shop & Lounge today to experience the new way of smoking and Vaping.

The philosophy of the owners and staff at Independent Vape is simple; make quality products with natural ingredients. So if you are a returning customer or new customer you will definitely be happy to know that your satisfaction is guaranteed and 100% money back guaranteed. The atmosphere at Independent Vape is very relaxed and helpful. Employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and you’ll feel welcome almost right away. Visit here for more information about

For starters, the store is a hip and trendy place to shop. Everything about this Vapor Shop & Lounge is trendy. The employees are extremely knowledgeable and keep it fun. It would seem they know just about everything there is to know about vapor products, especially relating to the newer trends.

What I like about the store and the people running it, are their love of vapor products. I believe this is because they genuinely enjoy smoking and helping people get off the couch with the taste and comfort of a good, quality vapor product. Also they care about your satisfaction, which is important if you’re going to work in an environment where people are going to be sitting around and listening to you talk. You want them to walk away from your store with confidence, because that’s how they’re going to buy from you. Their attention span is pretty long, so they don’t get distracted easily. In fact when I visit an independent Vapor Shop & Lounge I often find myself checking out another store right away due to the ease of conversation and trust factor that exist.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the store and the vibe I have with the employees, let’s discuss the selection of products they carry. There are a wide variety of products from rebuildable to glass bowls, starter kits, herbal combos, electronic and mouth guard combo packs, and lots more. The prices are very reasonable and competitive. They don’t overcharge either, so you don’t feel overcharged or disappointed with your purchase either.

After only a few minutes browsing around I was sold on the awesome selection of products they carry. I love helping people get started on the path to quitting cigarettes, and their knowledge and products truly help me quit easier and quicker than I ever would have done it without their help. They also keep up with the newest products out on the market too. That’s why I recommend them highly to anybody who’s serious about kicking the smoking habit.

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